Complex Networks

Tokyo Tech OCW:
Complex Networks (ART.T462)
Tsuyoshi Murata
Networks, An Introduction (Second Edition) (Contents available in "Oxford Scholarship Online" from Tokyo Tech)
Japanese Textbook:
Network Analysis with Python
Networks, Crowds, and Markets
Networks: A Very Short Introduction
Outline of this lecture:
Basic knowledge for analyzing network data is introduced. Topics include metrics of networks, common properties of real networks, algorithms for processing networks, models of networks, visualization of networks, and tools for analyzing networks.

Information of "Complex Networks" (ART.T462) is available in this site. If you want to join this lecture, please follow the instruction below.
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  5. Modify sum.ipynb so that it will compute the sum of 1+2+...+10. Deadline:23:59(JST) on Dec. 11(Sat) 2021.
  6. Answer the questionnaire (Google Form). Deadline:23:59(JST) on Dec. 11(Sat) 2021.
Because of COVID-19, this lecture will not be taught in the classroom. Instead, it will be taught on demand using T2SCHOLA. Class videos are already uploaded, so you can watch them on your own at your favorite time. The timeslots for "Complex Networks" are 10:40-12:20 on Mondays and Thursdays, but there will be no live classes in Zoom. Your grade will be given based on your video views and quiz contents. Details and deadlines will be announced later. Depending on the status of COVID-19, we may change this policy. Any changes will be announced to you via email, so be sure to check your Tokyo Tech emails daily.

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